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Quantum Writing Services has always been enthusiastic about providing excellent writing and review services to clients in various fields. Our staff primarily consist of current working professionals in various fields, ranging from Expert Writers, to Medical Residents, to Human Resources Personnel, to Academic Faculty and the like. We are able to bring our diverse and considerable knowledge to bear in helping you achieve your career goals. Whether its applying to Residency Programs after your USMLE exams, or creating the resume for a job at your dream corporation, QWS will match you with the right professional to handle your every need.
Satisfaction Guaranteed - You don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results!

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We offer a wide variety of services - From College Students to Medical Students to Finance Majors, we have a solution for everyone.

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Our written Personal Statements are not generic written essays. They are highly personalized and are based off your unique life experiences. Our professional writers are able to take these experiences and eloquently put them into words

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We help write and review Curriculum Vitae/Resumes as needed for job/school/residency applications. We go over and beyond by having them reviewed by relevant industry professionals to ensure maximum effectiveness.



We write sample LORs and endeavor to put your best qualities into words. Highlighting your strengths and tailoring them to your specific field, we are able to set you apart from the rest of the pack.

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We help write College Applications and Essays that are created specifically to help you improve your chances of acceptance. We craft our Application Essays to fit each school's unique requirements and ensure you are putting your best foot forward on your application.

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Geared towards medical graduates looking to apply to a residency program of their choice, we help make that a reality. We know the process can be very cumbersome and time consuming, this is why QWS has partnered with Program Directors, Co-ordinators, and residents who have been through the process successfully themselves. We provide you with all the information you'd need, including writing out your personalized PS, LORs, and CVs. We also provide guidance to useful materials and resources through the process. Whether its Residency Explorer or Freida, we have your back. From Application - Interviews - Ranking - Match, QWS has everything you need to come out a success.

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Applying to coveted positions in today's world can quickly become one of the most stressful events of one's life. Knowing that the success or failure of a job/residency/school application can hinge upon the quality of your writeup can be a source of immense pressure. This is why we started QWS. By bringing together experienced writers and professionals that can handle the bulk of these writings, we can help the applicant feel much more at ease. We understand the profound impact that an excellent application would have on an applicant's career trajectory and that is why we only work with the best to provide the highest quality results.

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June 19, 2020

Here I was, at the age of 17, done with high school, and excited to go on to study medicine at one of the top-rated Universities in India. Despite my relatively young age, I was quite confident that I would be able to cope with the rigors of medical school. I had been the head-prefect/health-prefect throughout my senior high school year, and I felt that had greatly helped me develop the requisite level of maturity. While waiting for my entrance examination, I volunteered for different medical outreaches with the support of my parents. These gave me my first experiences in the medical world. Growing up in a developing country, it was easy to see the various health challenges that people faced. I got to see people suffer from a lack of access to effective healthcare and observe the disparity in the quality of care accessible to different socioeconomic classes. This helped sharpen my desire to help make a difference… .

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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